CHRISTINA HENDRICKS Nothing’s Easy About Being A Redhead In Hollywood!

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Mad Men‘ star Christina Hendricks admits it’s not easy being a redhead in Hollywood. I can see that: it’s chock full of living Blonde Barbie dolls! You would think people would appreciate the change in a redhead, but according to Christina, that’s not the case.

“I’ve been to a million auditions and have been rejected a million times, so it’s something that I’m used to. You’re either right for it or you’re not right for it. You could leave thinking you had the best audition in the world and they say you don’t look like the person I imagined. It has nothing to do with your talent. Someone could have just broken up with a redhead the other day and not want to hire me.”

And that is what would drive me crazy about being an actress! LOL Although Christina has become famous by being on ‘Mad Men,’ she doesn’t think of herself that way.

“I’m not out doing crazy things! I’m just not that famous, to be honest. I get to live a very normal life. I don’t have a situation like Jennifer Aniston, where I have people camped outside my house. I can take the garbage out and walk down the street and have ramen (Japanese noodle dish) and it’s fine.”

Sounds like Christina’s got the best of both worlds, doesn’t it? And good for her for not bowing to pressure and bleaching her hair blonde. I’m sure plenty of actresses do that, but Christina is a gorgeous redhead.