KENDRA WILKINSON More Comfortable On Terra Firm Over Jumping To Her Death

Kendra Wilkinson Playing Softball

Kendra Wilkinson looks very comfortable here with a bat as opposed to preparing to dive into a pool of water. The reality TV personality surprised everyone when she quit ABC’s new show, ‘Splash.’ Kendra told People:

“I feel like the world is off my shoulders now. Every morning I would wake up and be shaking. It’s a really risky show. I related jumping off the high board into the water to jumping to my death. That’s how big of a deal it was. To me, it really meant risking my life.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess ABC wouldn’t risk celebs’ lives for a show, but who knows? It sounds like Kendra has quite the fear of heights.

“I love to be in the pool. I was always a swimmer, but this is an aerial sport. I didn’t know that until I signed up. I thought it was swimming. But then I was like, ‘Wow, this is acrobatics. This is what you see in the circus.”

Kendra acknowledged she’s taken some heat for quitting the show.

“People link quitting to failure. But on the other hand, I think people understood. After I quit, I expected the world to fall down on me and it actually ended up being the opposite. It’s one of those situations either you understand or you don’t. If you don’t, you hate me. And if you do, you love me.

“People have this movie role fantasy. They think, ‘Oh, she’s scared, but she’ll do it.’ And everything will be just fine. People expect there to be a positive outcome and a success story, but sometimes people need to realize it’s not always like that.

“The reality of the situation is I was truly afraid and could not fulfill my role on the show and had to let it go. There were other contestants who truly wanted to win. I just wanted to get over my fear of heights. I wasn’t on there to be competitive.”

I think it was courageous of Kendra to sign up for the show and even try to get over her fear of heights!


Photos by Mike/FAMEFLYNET