KIM KARDASHIAN Shares Pics Of Her Bare Baby Bump



Maybe Kim Kardashian is just trying to silent all those who keep commenting on her weight, but the reality star decided to post a photo of her bare baby bump this weekend and she looks amazing!  Kim posted the side by side photos of her posing in front of the mirror in tight black leggings and a plain white tee revealing her growing baby bump with the caption ‘baby love’ on her instagram account.

Kim has been the subject of a lot of scrutiny over her baby weight gain but one thing is clear from looking at this picture – she looks amazing!  I just think Kim has to learn to dress for her new shape a bit better.  Some of her outfits haven’t been the most flattering!  Kim also posted the pic below of her and sis Kylie Jenner, with Kylie holding on to Kim’s bump.  Such a great picture!   I bet the whole family is excited for Kim to become a mom!






  1. Anonymous says

    I just have to say that I think the reason she looks like she has gained so much weight is because she is still trying to dress normal and that just makes her look really fat. If she would just enjoy this small moment in time and embrace her pregnancy and wear ” maternity” fashion she would look so much better. There are so many women, including her very own sister that would trade places with her in a heartbeat, just to be pregnant. Embrace it Kim!