ROBERT DOWNEY JR ‘Iron Man 3′ Dazzles China!

robert downey jr iron man 3 china premiere (5)

You know ‘Iron Man 3‘ is big when even China agrees to host a big premiere! Beijing sometimes chooses not to let movies play in the country. Here’s Robert Downey Jr., however, wowing them in China. He looks like he had plenty of enthusiasm up in front of the crowd. RDJ truly is the perfect choice to play bad boy Tony Stark/Iron Man. He was fantastic in ‘The Avengers.’ ‘Iron Man 3′ looks like it will be pretty dramatic, however. Here’s the one-line description of the story:

In Marvel’s “Iron Man 3,” Tony Stark/Iron Man finds his world reduced to rubble by a malevolent enemy and must use his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him as he seeks to destroy the enemy and his cohorts.

I’m sure it will be AMAZING. Summer 2013 is going to be quite the season for big movies. ‘Iron Man 3′ will premiere in the United States next month, on May 3. Personally, I Can Not Wait to see Tony Stark again! Are you ready?


Photos by Walt Disney