BEYONCE Felt “Crazy Fat” While Pregnant

"Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream" New York Premiere

Beyonce is opening up more about being pregnant. She admits it wasn’t easy dealing with the weight gain that comes with pregnancy with Blue Ivy.

“There were moments when I felt my nose had spread 20 inches, and my face felt crazy fat, and my lips were swollen, and I gained 57 pounds! But ultimately I enjoyed it.”

Beyonce said she was eager to get back to her pre-pregnancy shape after having baby Blue.

“After a month, I went strict. Before I gave birth I said, ‘I don’t want to get comfortable with whatever weight I gain. I want to still feel my best!’ I have a child – God willing – I’ll give myself more time. Because it was just not necessary to do it that fast.”
Beyonce said she worked hard to get ready for the Super Bowl, but then she let loose afterwards.
“I worked harder than I have in a long time. And after that, I took me my week and I ate everything I wanted to. From donuts to cheeseburgers to fried fish – I even had fried alligator. Anything fried!”
Everything does taste better fried. Go Beyonce!