JENNIFER LOPEZ Just Wants Marc Anthony To Be Happy

Busy Mom Jennifer Lopez Goes From Fashionable To Frumpy


I’ve seen a lot of bad breakups in Hollywood, so it’s kind of nice when we get to hear about a good breakup!  Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split in July of 2011 and since then they’ve both moved on to new relationships.  Jennifer has been dating back up dancer Casper Smart for a while now and Marc has been dating 22 year old Topshop heiress Chloe Green for a few months now.  And Jennifer is totally ok with it.  According to Grazie magazine, Jennifer just wants Marc to be happy.  A source said that;

“Jennifer invited Chloe and Marc over to discuss the kids and the two women bonded.

“She and Marc are still close. She wants him to be happy.”

Well I’m glad they get along because a source close to Green said that things are getting serious;

“Chloe and Marc have totally fallen for one another. She’s been looking into getting a place in New York, where they love to hang out, or Miami, where his family are based.”

Is anyone else thinking that both Jen and Marc seem to have a thing for much younger mates?!:)