RACHEL MCADAMS Marijuana Made Her Hallucinate

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Rachel McAdams is not a fan of marijuana!  The actress, who was on the Jimmy Kimmel show, revealed to the host what happened after taking marijuana on the advice of her greengrocer after suffering from a bout of insomnia;

“He said, ‘I’ve got something for you.’ So he takes me to the back and he pulls out this little bottle with no label and it’s full of this dark green substance.

“And it’s marijuana. I was like, ‘Oh no, no no, I want to sleep I don’t want to get high.’

“I take the tiniest little teaspoon, brush my teeth, by the time I’m getting into bed I’m like, ‘My brain, what’s happening?’

“I wasn’t thinking normal thoughts, I was hallucinating. I was lying there cursing him.

“And then I started to hear opera for five hours. This guy singing opera; I was going crazy.”

Yikes! I’m pretty sure that was enough for Rachel to avoid that insomnia cure any time in the near future!