Celebrity Blind Item: Which Actress Is Sweet… Until She’s Crossed?

celebrity blind item

It sounds like this is one actress you had better NOT cross! Here are the deets:

Always seemingly mild mannered and sweet, this A+ list mostly movie actress can be just like her carefully crafted Hollywood public image. But, if you cross her or displease her in anyway, be prepared for some serious vindictiveness coming your way. The best way to deal with our actress is just let her have at you and get it over with. For the most part she is a short term yeller who then smiles and changes the subject and is ready to be friends again. Sure, she can carry a grudge as her actor ex-husband found out. There was not a day in the last two years of their marriage that she did not belittle him or remind him of the pecking order of the house and the fights were legendary. Screaming and throwing things. He just sat back and took it because she could have made things much worse for him and told the world about his cheating but didn’t in order to protect the family. One boyfriend found out the hard way that you don’t cancel weekend plans with the actress at the last minute. She got him to stop by and handed him five trash bags filled with his shredded clothes. That sweet smile of hers hides the mouth of a sailor and if you get her drinking? Forget about it. She will call anyone out. The reason she likes her current guy so much is that he stood up to her. They first met when she was drunk and out with friends. She likes a guy to be a guy and it makes you wonder why she dated one guy for so long.

Hmmm… I have a few ideas. Any guesses?

– Item from Crazy Days and Nights