LEANN RIMES AND EDDIE CIBRIAN: Is The Couple Headed To TV Together?

LeAnn & Eddie At Jake's Baseball Game

Oh I have a feeling that Brandi Glanville will definitely have something to say about this!  According to a source, US Magazine is reporting that LeAnn Rimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian are pitching their own television show that the couple would star in together;

‘they have been shopping around a scripted comedy based on their lives together. They would play versions of themselves, kind of like on Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

And the part that will definitely make sure that Brandi has something to say about it;

“The show will have a crazy ex-wife!”

Oh boy, I’m sure that will go over well with Brandi.  Fortunately Eddie’s sons with Brandi won’t be featured on the show with the source saying;

“Mason and Jake are not involved. If kids end up being on it, they would be played by actors — not Eddie’s children.”

I have a feeling this show would be a total train wreck if it actually got picked up, but I have to admit – I would probably tune in!


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  1. sam says

    Why isn’t Leann being slammed for once again putting out all of her business yet again or being insensitive to Brandi? Leann claims to take the high road and protect Brandi’s kids, so how come no one is calling out on this sitcom idea? What will this sitcom tell us that Leann doesn’t already tell anyone via her staged photo-ops, interviews, and tweets? This is why Leann is so disliked. She does insensitive things, blames Brandi for any criticism she faces, and then plays the victim when she can’t tell with the negative feedback. Leann can’t even get her fans to buy tickets to her show or her songs, so why would anyone watch this. It’s sad that the media is always telling Brandi to shut up and move on and the moment Leann does yet another “I need to tell my story” pr stunt, it’s welcomed with open arms with no regard for her victims.