NIALL HORAN Thankful For His Security Team

Niall Horan Is In Need Of A Belt


Niall Horan is one fifth of the superstar pop boyband One Direction, and being part of such a popular band definitely means that there are always mobs of screaming teen girls running after him.  The group seems pretty appreciative of all the attention, but Niall opened up recently to We Love Pop magazine that sometimes all the attention can be a bit much;

“I’m quite claustrophobic and I don’t like everyone crowding around and shouting the same questions. I get a little bit scared sometimes. It’s all good as we’ve got a good security team.”

Every time I see videos or pictures of these young stars being completely surrounded by masses of screaming girls I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for them.   I know they’re reaping all the benefits of fame, but it does seem like it can get to be a bit excessive most times.  Hopefully the boys of One Direction handle all the fame a bit better than fellow teen pop superstar Justin Bieber has been lately!