JAY-Z Addresses His Critics

Beyonce and Jay-Z Have Dinner in NYC

It looks like Jay-Z is sending out a message and that message is to not mess with the Bob Dylan of rap! Beyonce‘s other half has released a new song, “Open Letter,” addressing the criticism he received for his recent anniversary trip to Cuba with Bey. Here are some lyrics:

I done turned Havana to Atlanta

Boy from the hood but got White House clearance
Sorry y’all, I don’t agree with y’all appearance
Politicians never did shit for me
Except lie to me, distort history
Wanna give me jail time and a fine
Fine, let me commit a real crime

I’m in Cuba, I love Cubans
This communist talk is so confusing
When it’s from China, the very mic that I’m using
Idiot wind, the Bob Dylan of rap music
You’re an idiot baby, you should become a student
Oh, you gonna learn today

Quite honestly, I don’t understand why Jay-Z and Beyonce made such a circus out of their trip to Cuba. They could have easily gone under the radar, knowing that it would cause a fuss with many politicians out there. That, or they could have kept it real and took a trip to Fort Lauderdale like many of us on a budget usually do. LOL. What are your thoughts on this?


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  1. Plugg says

    I still don’t get the whole Cuba Communist fiasco…you do you and I do me. Jay/B can go wherever in the hell they wants to…what is it a crime. Not like he ain’t paying his taxes…lololol!!! The publicity is always provided by the media…Jay/B sneak into Cuba…come on…Really???

  2. LJ says

    Why they would visit a communist country is beyond me…I thought they were proud to be Americans where we have rights.
    And bragging that he’s ‘buddies’ with the president just rubs me the wrong way. I used to really like this couple. Not anymore. They are egotistical millionaires who think AND do whatever they damn well please.
    Why not visit beautiful Australia or any number of gorgeous areas??

  3. mamawash says

    i think they should be able to go wherever they want. There’s tons of places I’d visit given the time/money. It’s not always political.

    And who says they HAVEN’T visited Australia, etc…they’ve been all over the world… now they wanna go to Cuba…so what.

    If I had that kind of money I sure as hell wouldn’t vacation in Ft Lauderdale – cause I wouldn’t be on a budget.

    Don’t hate, y’all.