PARIS HILTON Enjoying A Leisurely Stroll

Paris Hilton out and about in Beverly Hills

Remember when Paris Hilton used to be everywhere? We used to see Paris All The Time. Now- well, now we don’t see nearly as much of the former reality TV personality. Here she is going for a leisurely stroll on Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills. It’s ironic that instead we’re seeing all of the people around Paris. Nicole Richie is on ‘Fashion Star’ and a workout warrior.

Kim Kardashian is the one who’s everywhere these days. Something tells me Kim has momager Kris Jenner to thank for that. Regardless of what you think of Kris, you can see she knows how to build a brand. We’ll see how long it endures. At least Paris comes from money, so while her career may not be all that hot at the moment, she’s not struggling.


Photos by WENN