GERARD BUTLER Loves NYC Too Much To Live There

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Gerard Butler is originally from Scotland but moved to the States for a career as a leading man in Hollywood. He has places on both coasts- LA and NYC. Gerard admitted that although he loves NYC, he can’t spend too much time there. Here’s why:

“I enjoy living in LA but I also have a place in New York. Only I love New York so much that I don’t get any work done. I can’t get my head down and read scripts. I want to be out walking or going to the theater. In LA you get disciplined – you train, you write.”

I guess this is good and bad news for the ladies of NYC  ;-). Gerard explained why it’s important for him to be based in the States.

“You can live in Britain, but without a doubt it helps to live over there, especially if you’re producing too as often a meeting will come up and the director’s in town for one day and everyone else is based there.”

That makes sense!