KIM KARDASHIAN Visits The Doctor

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Visits Her Doctor

Honestly Kim Kardashian has the most bizarre baby bump I think I’ve ever seen. Some days it looks like it’s big and other days not so much!  Maybe it’s because she wears such different styles of clothing?  Today I find that it doesn’t look that big at all!

Kim was spotted leaving a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills today and in some of the shots, taken from the front on, she really doesn’t look very pregnant at all!  I do like this look on Kim though and I like that she’s starting to wear some colour. All that black and white was getting a bit boring!






  1. Marie says

    Not sure if you saw Beyonce’s special on HBO but don’t believe in the rumors you always here. Beyonce was pregnant and showed pictures to prove it on her special.