JACK BLACK Taking On A New Darker Movie Role

Jack Black Stops By Public Storage

I love Jack Black, but I am so used to seeing him as the loveable, funny, crazy guy that when he revealed that he was taking on a much darker role with his new movie, ‘Bernie’ I was a bit surprised.  In the movie based on a true story Jack plays the title character of Bernie  Tiede, a funeral director who ends up forging a relationship with a widow before eventually murdering  her.  Jack explains to The Guardian his desire to go a darker with his new role;

 “[I was] getting tired of the old kind of frat guy comedies and I was looking for something else. Someone who’s not a lovable loser, who’s not entirely sympathetic.

“That’s difficult for me because I love to be liked. So to play a role where there’s some grey area, that’s, a vulnerable terrain to tread.”

“I don’t like these jobs with a big, bloated budget and you sit in the trailer all day.”

This should be very interseting to watch.  I love seeing actors step outside their usual roles and take on something meatier.  Sounds like it could be good.