TOM CRUISE A Hollywood Anomaly?

OBLIVION Premieres in Hollywood

Have you had a chance to see Tom Cruise’s new movie, ‘Oblivion‘? I admit I haven’t- the weekend completely got away from me- but I definitely plan on it! Tom is known for doing a lot of his own stunt work for his action movies. A stunt man who worked with Tom on ‘Jack Reacher’ was impressed with his skills.

“Tom is an anomaly, I’ve never worked with another actor who has the acumen for stunts that he does. He’s done so much and he’s trained for so many movies and so many different types of stunt work,  fighting, fire, explosions, car chases, motorcycles.
“He has such a good solid foundation of skills that you’re not really putting him in that much danger like you would with another actor when you’re working out the stunts. He’s more like one of the stunt guys. Tom is a very safe guy, he knows that he can put himself in these dramatic situations without injuring himself, there is a lot of skill to it.”
Impressive! Tom is also said to be both demanding and appreciative of everyone who works on his films. The stunt guy who worked with him explained:
“[Tom] is a taskmaster and there is a certain level that you need to be at to work with him. You have to get it done but he is so appreciative of everyone he works with, he surrounds himself with the best of the best and he knows he couldn’t make the movies that he does at this level without them.”
There is a reason why Tom Cruise is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, right?