REESE WITHERSPOON: Was Her Arrest A ‘Wake-Up Call’?

Reese Witherspoon Heads To A Meeting In Hollywood

Reese Witherspoon is doing a lot of damage control now that she has been arrested for disorderly conduct and pulling the ‘do you know who I am?’ card.  According to E! the actress is still ‘extremely embarrassed’ by the whole situation (as she should be).  A source said that;

“Jim feels guilty about what happened and that Reese got involved in this mess. He knows that she is a public figure and how important her image is. He wants to help her move past this and for people to forget about it.”


“This is a bit of a wake-up call.  Jim has always been quite social and it might be time to slow down a bit, especially now that they have a baby.”

I think the only wake up call that needs to happen is that if you drink don’t drive! And always listen to the police! Reese also has to deal with how to explain her arrest to her kids;

“She also has a lot of explaining to do to her kids [Ava, 13, Deacon, 9, and Tennessee, 8 months] as well,” adds the source. “She prides herself on setting a good example and being honest and open with them. She made a big mistake but she is owning up to it and will learn from it.”

I hope she learns from it.  I think everyone should just be happy that no one was hurt and hopefully it won’t happen again.


Photos by Stoianov/Pablo/FAMEFLYNET




  1. PTA says

    Sorry, but this is all spin control. She’s been a big drinker for many, many years. The only difference is that now she’s married to a man who keeps up with her. In fact, in many ways, he worse. She may pride herself on being a good example but that’s just the same self delusion you find from most addicts. They think they can hide it.

  2. YAYI says

    All I see is two irresponsible arrogant people. You would think after all the stories about drinking and driving they would have thought before putting themselves in that position, not to mention being a mother of three, or how they BOTH could had hurt someone by getting behind a wheel. I don’t buy the apologies and the wake up call crap. This is a typical case of, I’m only sorry because I got caught. Period.

  3. The Bird says

    Los Angeles turns their head the other way to these peeps! It is obvious that Witherdrunk throws her Diva card around the world. It was wonderful to finally see them both fall on their arces! You get what you give and these two are getting what they deserve. Witherdrunk is just like her daddy and Toth is just like his daddy, Boozers!