KIM KARDASHIAN: Is The Reality Star Worried About Losing The Baby Weight?

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Wow the rumours surrounding Kim Kardashian’s weight gain just won’t go away, will they?  The reality star, who is due with her first child in July, is now reportedly terrified that she won’t be able to lose the baby weight because she ‘can’t stop eating’. In Touch Magazine is reporting that Kim is worried she’ll never get her figure back.  A source stated that Kim is “freaking out about her body”  adding;

“She’s always played up her sex appeal, so she’s terrified she won’t be able to get her body back after the baby is born.


“She’s completely neurotic about her looks. She recently gained six pounds in one week. She said, ‘Even my armpits are fat, I don’t know what’s happening to me.’ She’s got to do something, because her body is everything to her.
“Kim’s panicking that the weight will just keep on stacking on and will never come off.
“Not only is she vain, but she knows that her body is what makes her money. She’s built an empire on it. But as much as she tries to be good, she just can’t stop eating. It’s like something has taken over her body, and she’s miserable.”
Well I don’t know how much I believe all this.  I mean, what pregnant woman doesn’t worry about getting their figure back after baby?  That’s just natural, and I think Kim looks just fine!  She certainly doesn’t look like she’s gaining too much weight to me. She just happens to have curves and they’re being accentuated now that she’s pregnant.  I think she’ll be just fine.  We all know she has the money to afford a personal chef and trainer anyway!





  1. YAYI says

    This might be random, and it might not be the right thing to say, but her ex Reggie knew what he was doing when he broke things off with this head case. He knew that even having a baby with this woman would turn into a circus. I mean, I don’t think she’s going too crazy about it, and in my opinion, knowing the Kardashians or at least watching thru the years how they manipulate their image, I don’t doubt that this might be a smart PR move on their part, you know, since EVERYONE is going to be watching her as she tries to lose this baby weight. Just think about it?! if weight watches or any of those other companies have not aproach her yet I’m pretty sure the Kardashians might be challenging them to do so after all this gain weight propaganda, and you have to give it to them, they are doing a GREAT job at having us report and comment on this on a daily. Lol!