KIM KARDASHIAN Working Out 6 Times A Week While Pregnant?

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We all know that there’s a lot of pressure on the women of Hollywood to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight almost as soon as they deliver, so this story doesn’t really surprise me. Kim Kardashian, who’s weight has been scrutinized since she became pregnant, has reportedly hired five personal trainers to keep her fit during her pregnancy, including trainers to the stars Tracey Anderson and Gunnar Peterson.  Gunnar opened up to inTouch Magazine and said;

“She’s in [my studio] a couple of times a week. Sometimes it’s six days.”

Wow, I don’t know many people who aren’t pregnant that work out 6 times a week!  Anderson did say however that ever since her health scare in March she’s been trying to take it a bit easier;

 “She will come in and work hard one week, and then have to take the next week off.”

I still think she should just be taking it easy right now, and she can worry about the baby weight once the baby comes.  As long as she stays healthy during the pregnancy that’s the most important thing.