BRANDI GLANVILLE Claims That An Ex Texted Her!


Oh this is just TOO juicy! According to Brandi Glanville, one of her ex’s texted her the other night and she of course had to share the news with all of her followers on Twitter! The only thing though is that Brandi was very vague as to WHO is reaching out to her, with everyone guessing that it might be her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian (that’s just going to turn Leann Rimes wild, right!). Here’s what we’re reading:

When Brandi Glanville tweeted about an ex-lover supposedly reaching out to her, the twittersphere immediately assumed it was that ex, her former husband Eddie Cibrian.

But a source close to the actor, 39, insisted to that it wasn’t him who sent the flirty missive to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

“This is classic Brandi… she’s getting people to think exactly what she wants,” the insider said.

“Eddie has blocked Brandi’s number from his cell, so she can no longer text him horrible things. You have to understand that she would write constant and evil things to him. No wonder he blocked her.”

I for one do not believe that Eddie has Brandi’s number blocked on his cell phone. She’s the mother of their children! That would just seem very immature, right?

Tell us, what do you think? Is Eddie trying to crawl back to Brandi or was it someone else who texted her?





  1. Andrea says

    Already been confirmed by Brandi herself it wasn’t Eddie.Besides it’s common knowledge they are not on speaking terms,so him having her number blocked isn’t that far fetched based on everything that has happened the past 6 months or so.

  2. Sam says

    Eddie Cibrain immature? You mean making out on the sidelines of his child’s soccer game before his divorce is even final isn’t immature? Allowing his new wife to tweet about his kids just to get back at Brandi isn’t immature? The major problem with this story is why is Leann so determined to convince everyone that Eddie and Brandi are not in contact? Leann makes it seem like Eddie still has feelings for Brandi. Why isn’t anyone calling Leann out for even submitting this story to Radaronline?

  3. Sam says

    Leann dropped the case against Brandi’s dentist. So this story about Brandi and Eddie that was given to Radaronline by Leannis Leann’s way of distracting the media. So how come no one is covering this? Everyone was too focused on Brandi and didn’t even notice that this tory about the dropped lawsuit also came out too. Leann is smart, she manages to fool the media everytime. So why did Leann drop the case against the dentist? She told Radaronline that the case isn’t over, so does that mean the dentist agreed to settle with her or did she drop the case because there was just too much evidence against her to prove her case?