KATIE COURIC: Did She Offend Joan Rivers On Her Talk Show?

Katie Couric Arrives in LA

Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa were guests on Katie Couric’s new talk show ‘Katie’ to celebrate her 100th episode back on February 22nd, but instead of having a celebratory time, now we’re hearing that  Joan apparently left quite angry!  According to the NY Daily News;

“Joan left the show furious with Katie and her producers, vowing to never return,”

“It was meant to be a funny, silly, Oscar-themed party, but instead Joan felt the usually perky Katie got nasty.”

In addition to asking why Joan was so ‘self absorbed’ she also said;

“She even demanded to know why Joan said ‘nasty’ things about celebrities,”

Hmmmm, sounds like this might not have been the best interview to have on your show to celebrate the 100 episode mark!  I have a feeling that if Katie and Joan got into an argument neither of them would back down easily.  A source went on to explain;

“It is no secret that Katie hates doing gossipy type interviews,” one show insider says. “When Katie is asked to do something she doesn’t want to do, the mean girl part of her personality comes out. Unfortunately for her, Joan is the same way.”

I’ve never seen the show but now I wish that I had seen that episode! I guess we won’t be looking forward to seeing Joan on Katie anytime in the future! I wonder if Katie will make an appearance on Fashion Police? If she does, I have a feeling there won’t be many nice things said:)


photos by FAMEFLYNET