NICK LACHEY: Are More Kids In The Cards For The Singer?

Exclusive... Nick Lachey Takes Camden For A Stroll

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo Lachey might have only welcomed their son Camden just 7 months ago, but they’re already planning on the their next addition.   The singer spoke to Fox 411 about the possibility of giving Camden a sibling and it seems that there might be more than one being planned;

“I think we’ve talked about two more but if the next one is a girl it may be tempting to just have one of each. In a perfect world we’d have a couple of boys and then finish off with a daughter. If I can orchestrate that I’d be good.”

Ha! Well we can’t always predict that can we?  I think it’s cute that he’s already thinking about the next one though.  Nick did reveal that Vanessa dealt with a bit of post partum depression too following Camden’s birth;

 “I think she went through a bit of what she calls the baby blues. I think for women you’ve got all the hormonal changes, the breastfeeding. It’s a lot to contend with especially your first time. She’s doing great though. She’s a natural as a mother.”

First babies are a big change in a household that’s for sure!  I wonder if Vanessa and Camden will be going on tour with Nick and his band 98 Degrees this summer when they tour with New Kids on the Block?  I’m sure they could find some time to work on baby #2 while on the road!