So she did go to Paris after all! I’ll admit that I wasn’t really believing the whole “Kanye whisked her to Paris” story that I’ve been reading (damage control, if you ask me), but these photos sure do prove it. A very pregnant Kim Kardashian was spotted shopping with her baby daddy Kanye West while in the City of Lights on Tuesday afternoon.

While it’s nice to see these two together, I can’t help but think that something must be off. Kim sure has been putting in a LOT of energy flying everywhere around the world to be with him, when in reality it should be the other way around. Yes, I’ll even go as far as saying that I feel sorry for her because it doesn’t look like their relationship might last too long after the baby is born. No new mother wants to be in that position.


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. YAYI says

    And I will go as far as saying I’M NOT SORRY for this head case. I mean, she DID NOT work on her marriage and after 72 days realized I don’t want to be married, and of course after all the backlash and bad press is when she realize how she and Kanye are supposed to be together, which we all know is bs since his ex Amber Rose acussed her of sleeping around with him while they were both in a relationship, then shortly after being in the relationship she said on an interview that “she couldn’t imagined being with anyone else then the man she’s with now” I mean, really?!? after all those years NOW she realize that Hahahaha! You would think after all the mistakes or should we call it ” life lessons” she would take her time on a relationship just to enjoy herself, travel, get divorce first and spend time with her newly discovered love and then think marriage once more and a family, but oh no! Not kim my cakes…..she needs to hear a story about on a regular or her star meter will drop. But not everything turns out according to plans right kimmy?!