SARAH JESSICA PARKER The Actress Doesn’t Own A Cell Phone!

AOL 2013 Digital Content NewFront

Sarah Jessica Parker will never be caught chatting up a storm on her cell phone because she doesn’t have one!  The actress and mom of three revealed to E! News why she decided to ditch the cell phone explaining;

 “I don’t like being behind in both phone calls and emails,” she said. “So I chose emails because when you’re on a set you can carefully and sneakily check a Blackberry, but you can’t return a phone call. Hearing ‘Your voicemail is full’ is horrifying to me.”

I can kind of understand that thinking, but I still don’t think I could live without my cell phone!      I’m a bit surprised to hear that she doesn’t have a phone simply because of her kids, although I guess if everyone knows that she doesn’t have a phone they would just email her instead.