Celebrity Blind Item Which Actress Relies On The Casting Couch?

celebrity blind item

This may not be all that uncommon in Hollywood, but it’s still unfortunate. Here’s the goss:

This actress is B- list. I’m really stretching it there. The only reason she gets that high of a grade is because of one role on a hit show. Current role, but she has not done much before, but one can expect she will do more after the role ends which should be in another season or two at the very most. I spoke to one of her friends the other day and they said she has always been very open and honest, at least with her friends that she has no problems with getting roles via the casting couch and says if she can get them that way and beat out someone else and get to the top faster, then why shouldn’t she do it?

She says there is no reason for her to go to 20 auditions in a week and spend 60 hours a week driving to and from them and waiting if she can go spend an hour having sex and get a role she would have got after four or five weeks of driving to and from auditions. She also has no problem with nudity and said that for her big break she not only agreed to nudity but also has the casting couch to thank for the role which ultimately got her the role that is starting to make her a star which she says she did not have to have sex with anyone for, but was very willing. No wonder she gets along so great with her female B list co-star.

Hmmm… any guesses?

– Item from Crazy Days and Nights