Kardashians at LAX

I can’t believe it! Here are Kim Kardashian and her sister, Khloe, catching a flight out of LAX. Kim just got back to LA after a family vacation (complete with a camera crew for ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘) in Greece, then a visit with Kanye West in Paris and stopping in London to watch Beyonce’s concert. Pregnancy is NOT slowing Kim down One Iota. I would be exhausted doing all this traveling, pregnant or not.

Kim and Khloe are in Texas for something. I only know this because Kim tweeted “Sweet dreams Houston. See you tomorrow!” They must have some kind of promotional event in Houston. I’m sure we’ll see pictures soon enough. Most people are exhausted after the baby arrives, but I bet it’ll be a slower pace for Kim- LOL. How do you like Kim’s maternity look here? She’s learning how to dress her baby bump!


Photos by WENN




  1. Courtney says

    this ho is asking for it by flying so much this late in pregnancy after a scare. her doctors have already told her to curtail her work schedule until after the baby is born but she isn’t listening. Kim is at about the same Point now that Joanne Woodward was when she refused to take a train ride to Boston from New York to accept the Havard Hasty Pudding woman of the Year award in 1959. because she was scared she’d go into labor prematurely during the ceremony and Boston is a 5hr train ride from New York and having lost a child previously she wasn’t willing to risk anything so she sent her husband Paul Newman to accept the award on her behalf. she wound up going into labor at 10:45pm Monday April 6th and delivering their first daughter at 11:45am on Wednesday April 8th after pushing for 2 1/2hrs. I’ll bet Kim’s baby will wind up being 5lbs 14oz when born which is just slightly smaller than average while Newman & Woodward’s oldest daughter weighed 11lbs 13oz when she was born which was 2.90715 kilos above average weight for the time which was 5lbs 8oz. the other major difference between the two women is Woodward never complained publicly like Kardashian does