REESE WITHERSPOON Supports The Atlanta Police Department

Reese Witherspoon, wearing a hat that reads 'City of Atlanta Police' arrives at LAX

Now this is a first. Not only did Reese Witherspoon take full responsibility for her arrest for disorderly conduct in Atlanta, but here she is wearing an Atlanta Police Department cap as she arrives at LAX with Jim Toth and baby Tennessee. I’m guessing the family had just flown out of Atlanta  ;-). I’m so used to celebs giving those half-hearted apologies (either a simple “I’m sorry” or “I shouldn’t have acted that way but [insert excuse]”), that seeing Reese’s behavior following her arrest is refreshing.

At first it looked like there was an attempt to shift the blame to Jim, but I’m glad Reese simply stepped up and took responsibility. I’ll be shocked if anything else happens. Something tells me the arrests were a wake-up call to both of them. Good for them for taking responsibility and behaving like grown-ups after making some bad mistakes!


Photos by Louis Delavenne/WENN