KIM KARDASHIAN Gets Kropped By Vogue Magazine!


BURN! This has totally got to sting for Kim Kardashian. And I guess this also further goes to show that Anna Wintour is not her biggest fan and that she might have only been invited to the Met as Kanye West‘s plus one.

The latest commotion centers around‘s slideshow of the event’s 77 best dressed guests which did not include Kim, but a photo of her somewhat cropped out with her baby daddy, Kanye West. You can see the photo here. To be honest, it seems a little unfair to Kim, doesn’t it? I can understand not liking someone or their taste in fashion, but there were plenty of other photos that Vogue could have used with just Kanye in it. I really thought Anna was classier than this.


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. Lola says

    Anna is my new hero! She takes the art of being a cunt to a whole new level. Long live Anna!!!