JULIA ROBERTS Boycotting Her Sister’s Wedding

Julia Roberts at MIRROR MIRROR Premiere in Hollywood

Uh-oh! It looks like Julia Roberts might be having some family issues here. According to a hot new rumor, Julia is boycotting her sister’s upcoming wedding because she doesn’t approve of the groom and doesn’t want to end up paying for it. Yikes! Here’s what we’re reading:

Nancy Motes — the star’s younger half sister — asked her famous sibling to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming nuptuals to John Dilbeck. Julia not only said “no” — she’s even refusing to go as a guest, the source added.

“Julia doesn’t think much of Nancy’s husband-to-be,” revealed an inisder. “She’s convinced he’s sponging off Nancy, who doesn’t have that much money in the first place. They moved out to L.A. from Georgia, and John was working at a panda Extress restaurant. But he quit his job after Nancy landed a gig as a production assistant on “Glee.”

Oh boy. Apparently Julia thinks Nancy is going to tap her for more money, which is understandable, I guess. What do you guys think? Would you do the same if you were in Julia’s shoes?


Photos via FameFlynet