Kanye Knocks His Noggin

Kanye West Bumps His Head On A Wrong Way Sign

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were out doing some house hunting yesterday. When Kimye headed out for lunch afterwards, Kanye didn’t want to give the ever-present paparazzi a picture. So Kanye bowed his head, trying to make it difficult to get a shot of his fact. Unfortunately, Kanye forgot what all mothers teach their little ones: Look Where You’re Going.

Kanye walked right into a Wrong Way sign. OUCH. Judging from his face after he hit it, it looks like it hurt. Kanye initially kept his cool and went into the restaurant with Kim. However, he was back outside in a few minutes, where he Went Off on an unlucky paparazzo outside. TMZ has the footage, both of Kanye knocking his head (well, the aftermath) and his rant at the paparazzo. I won’t post it here because, well, Kanye has a potty mouth, especially when he’s had ENOUGH.



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