ZOE SALDANA ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Star Chats On ‘Extra’

Celebs Doing An Interview For EXTRA

Star Trek Into Darkness‘ star Zoe Saldana stopped by ‘Extra’ to chat with Maria Menounos. It looks like Zoe did a wardrobe change at some point. She did the interview in that lovely peach blouse. At some time, either before or afterwards, Zoe was wearing a more playful tee. You can see it in the gallery. Either way, she looked great, didn’t she?

I’m sure Zoe dished the dirt with ‘Extra’ on the new ‘Star Trek’ movie. It comes out this Friday. Boy, am I READY to see this one! I’ve been excited about the ‘Star Trek’ sequel since I saw the first one several years ago. Are you planning on seeing ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’?