ALYSSA MILANO Dishes On ‘Mistresses’ With ‘Extra’

Celebs Doing An Interview For EXTRA

Alyssa Milano stopped by ‘Extra’ yesterday to talk about her new show, ‘Mistresses.’ That top she’s wearing is interesting. Is that how a woman having an affair dresses? LOL. ‘Mistresses‘ premieres on June 3. I’m curious about this show, although I’m not sure I’m sold on the concept. Married women who are having affairs? Since when did that make you a mistress, anyway?

My understanding of a mistress was that a woman was being supported financially by the man she’s having an affair with, not just having an affair with him. Well, I’m a fan of Alyssa, so I’m going to give this show a try. Are you interested in Alyssa’s new show, ‘Mistresses’?


Photos by Parisa/FAMEFLYNET