KRIS JENNER Fact or Fiction: Is She Having A Hard Time Getting Guests For Her Talk Show?


Uh-oh! This doesn’t look like it’s good news for the Kardashian family. Rumor has it that Kris Jenner is set to debut her new talk show this summer but unfortunately is having a very hard time finding guests for her show! In fact, she’s so desperate to book people that she might end up getting non-celebrities, instead. Here’s what we’re reading:

A source claims, ”Kris thought Hollywood’s biggest names would be lining up to come on her show but they’re not even taking her calls, It’s gotten so bad that she is relying on her business partner Ryan Seacrest to pull in the celebrities but even he seems to be striking out. Not many stars want to be associated with Kris or her show.”

Well, if push comes to shove she can always get Kanye West to come on the show, right? Or… maybe not. What do you guys think?



Photos via FameFlynet