SURI CRUISE Are Parents And Classmates Pitching Her Fashion Designs?


Oh dear. It looks like the media is really running with the story that Suri Cruise is becoming a fashion designer because now we’re hearing that parents and classmates from her school are apparently pitching her fashion designs. The poor girl just can’t get a break! Here’s what we’re reading:

According to the National Enquirer tabloid, her classmates at a private school in New York are “inundating” Cruise “with design ideas.”

“Even some of the parents have gotten into the act,” says an “insider” for the magazine, adding, “They’ve given their kids little scraps of paper with pictures of outfits they’ve put together.

Are there really a lot of 7-year-olds out there that are aspiring designers already? I don’t know. Something smells really fishy with this story. Tell us, do you think this is fact… or fiction?


Photos via FameFlynet