DENISE RICHARDS Opens Up About Taking Care Of Charlie Sheen’s Twins

Denise Richards Stops By "Good Morning America"

If you ask me, Denise Richards really does deserve a medal for everything she’s been doing lately for Charlie Sheen and his kids. The actress recently opened up about the difficulties of now raising five kids under one roof and how she’s trying to make it all work. Here’s what we’re reading:

Us Weekly caught up with the star on Saturday, May 18, at Carolle’s Adopt-a-Doll event at the Grove in L.A., where she opened up about her fuller-than-usual house…

You just figure it out because you don’t have a choice. You have these children depending on you,” she explained to Us of how she manages. “You prioritize. I had children because I want to be a parent, and I want to be there for them.”

“I think my biggest challenge is [that] their different activities sometimes overlap,” she added, noting that she tries to attend everything. “I have a good schedule going. You just manage.”

Once again, kudos to Denise for making things work. If you ask me, she serves as a model for why getting along with your ex benefits your children and of course, yourself. What do you guys think?


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  1. Monica says

    I think what she’s doing is quite amazing, actually. I work with kids, and two toddler boys in addition to three other kids when one is just coming out of infancy is just… I have no words. I admire her a lot for this, and I don’t care how much money Charlie throws her way. This is nothing short of sacrifice and while parents will sacrifice for their own children, she’s doing it for someone else’s children.

    Years ago I watched an episode of her show and her dad was on it helping with the kids, living with her. I think I saw him in a picture so he’s still there and probably a great support system and a father figure for these kids. They’re good people. I don’t know if I could do it..