KHLOE KARDASHIAN Lashes Out At Her Sister’s Critics

The Kardashian sisters attend an in-store appearance at Sears to launch their 'Kardashian Kollection Spring 2013' clothing line

Khloe Kardashian is fightin’ mad! The reality television star is lashing out at her sister Kim Kardashian‘s critics for fat-shaming the pregnant star.

“I find it disturbing that society loves to critique a woman’s shape,” Khloe says. “That is low in and of itself, but I cannot tolerate one more vicious attack on my sister!”

Calling Kim’s body critics “true scum,” Khloe goes on to say that she will “hurt for [Kim] for years if all she remembers is the pain” from this pregnancy. “Kim, you may be one of the strongest people I know,” she writes. “I have no idea how you endure such abuse but still smile and shine everyday. I commend you for not putting your head down and going into hiding like so many would.”

While I’m sure there are critics out there who have been pretty mean to Kim, to be honest with you I think the reason so many people are criticizing her is because she’s not dressing appropriately for her pregnant figure. In fact, it looks like she’s still trying to dress herself the same way she did before she was pregnant, and it’s just not working for her. What do you guys think?


Photos via FameFlynet