JENNA DEWAN Visiting An Ultrasound Clinic In London


Ok, DON’T hate me for saying this, but when I first glanced at these pictures from our photo agency, I seriously thought this was Kim Kardashian. I guess it’s all because of the dark hair and baby bump. But that was just for a split second, mind you. LOL. But no, it’s Jenna Dewan instead as she was spotted making her way to an ultrasound clinic while in London, England on Thursday afternoon.

Jenna looks cute with her maxi-dress here, doesn’t she? And yes, I am thinking the same thing you are thinking now: when is she going to give birth already????


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. YAYI says

    Ok, don’t HATE me for saying this, but Kim Kardashian only wishes she looked as amazing. Mrs Tatum has dressed her baby bump comfortably and chic, something Kim Kardashian surprisingly (judging from the fact that she has an older sister who’s experienced) so, you would think she had an idea, but not, she could not have been more ridiculous during this wonderful time, and I’m not bashing the weight gain. Although, I think because she is so self centered and shallow people have taken some pleasure on the fact the she no longer has a waste line.