JENNA DEWAN Taking Her Dogs To The Vet In London

Pregnant Jenna Dewan Takes Her Dog To The Vet

OK is it just me or does it seem like we’re on serious baby watch for Jenna Dewan these days?! I’m not sure when she’s due but it seems like she’s been pregnant for a while now so I keep expecting to see her checking into the hospital any day now.  But, not today!  Today it was her dog’s turn to get a health check up.

Jenna brought her dog to the Vet in London where she’s currently staying while hubby Channing Tatum films his latest movie.  Hopefully everything is ok with the pooch because it would be a bit stressful for her to have to deal with a sick pet while getting ready to welcome her first child!

The actress looks great as usual in her flats, leggings and leather jacket.  I seriously think Jenna should give some of Hollywood’s other expectant momma’s a few styling tips for how to dress while pregnant, she always looks amazing.