Back At Work On Set

Stars On The Set Of 'North Of Hell'

Katherine Heigl is back at work! Mama’s gotta earn a living, after all. Here she is on the set of her new movie, ‘North of Hell.’ Josh Kelley stopped by for an on-set visit, which must’ve been nice. It looks like he left Naleigh and Adelaide this time. Katherine’s co-stars, Jordana Brewster, Jim Belushi, AJ Buckley, and Patrick Wilson, were also hard at work.  Here’s what ‘North of Hell‘ is about:

A seductive and scheming new hire causes dangerous problems for a businessman who is married to a bi-polar, obsessive-compulsive woman.

Hmmm…  based on the wardrobes, I’m guessing Patrick is the businessman. Do you think Katherine or Jordana is the “scheming new hire”? I’m guessing Katherine simply because that character seems to be the star, and she has top billing. How’s that for logic?


Photos by Katryna/FAMEFLYNET