MARIAH CAREY The Singer Has A Wardrobe Malfunction On Live TV! (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey performing live on GMA

Well this seems like something that could only happen to Mariah Carey!  The singer was appearing on GMA Live this morning and mere seconds into her interview with host Lara Spencer,  Mariah suffers a wardrobe malfunction that consists of the back of her dress popping open!  And in typical diva style Mariah worked the wardrobe malfunction completely and made it a hilarious moment for live tv!  The singer said;

“Oh sh*t.  The back of my dress just popped.”

She then proceeded to hold herself up to avoid any kind of dress slippage and did a full turn on stage to show everyone just what happened to her dress.  Mariah seemed to be in pretty good spirits about the whole thing and played it off, while the host seemed to be a bit more flustered.  Mariah is definitely a pro!  Check out the video below;


Photos by Andres Otero/