TRISHA YEARWOOD Opens Up To Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

FINAL Trisha BHG Cover July 2013

Trisha Yearwood’s cover for Better Homes & Gardens for their July 2013 issue is very unusual for this magazine: they haven’t featured a celeb on the cover since 2011! Trisha’s so down-to-earth, however, that it’s easy to see why Better Homes & Gardens made an exception for her. Trisha opened up about family and food.

Trisha’s Go-To Snacks: Trisha always has something out for family and friends to snack on. That usually means tangy pimiento cheese or “his-and-hers” deviled eggs. The double recipe is a nod to the mayonnaise-based nibblers she grew up eating and the kind with lots of mustard, favored by her husband, country music star Garth Brooks. “I try to re-create recipes for Garth,” Trisha says. “His mom was a great cook.”

Trisha on the Importance of Family: “Well anybody who knows anything about me knows that family is what it’s all about for me. It’s wonderful to have all these great holidays to get together. And Fourth of July kind of became one of those for us. Everybody kind of shows up long before there’s anything really to do, just to kind of hang out. I’m so lucky because I love my family. The older I get the more I just want to hang out with them, and I find excuses to be with them.”

How Family Influences the Food She Cooks: Trisha now has a great second act as a celebrity cook: Her cookbooks and Food Network show (the third season premiered May 25) are built around recipes she grew up eating. Her pork ribs are bathed in a mix of brown sugar, chili sauce, and soy sauce. The sweet pickles are the ones Grandma Yearwood always made. Same with her potato salad, which is creamy, seasoned simply, and bright from those sweet pickles. She learned it from her mother, Gwen, who died last year. “There is joy in making something my mom made and making it taste like hers,” Trisha says. I learned everything I know really about cooking from my mom. She was the most amazing cook and she was really kind of an intuitive cook. And she also taught me to enjoy it and to not stress over it; I’ve always enjoyed cooking and I think I really got that from her.”

Trisha’s Favorite Recipe: Nothing’s better than her Grandma Yearwood’s coconut cake. The recipe was lost for years, but when she was writing her second cookbook, Trisha rediscovered it—and the secret ingredient. (Psst! Crushed vanilla wafers.) “Most of the people who taught me how cook are gone,” she says. “And this food is a way to stay connected. There is this sense of family in the South that everyone in the rest of the country is really drawn to right now…It makes us feel a little more settled in an unsettled world.”

On her BHG Cover shoot: “I am really freaking out that I’m actually doing a photo shoot for Better Homes and Gardens, I really am. This is like a dream come true, this is amazing.”

I think I’m going to have to pick up this issue of Better Homes & Gardens, especially if there’s more information about the coconut cake recipe (not to mention Trisha’s other favorite Fourth of July recipes)! The July 2013 issue of Better Homes & Gardens hits newsstands June 18.

Photo by Better Homes & Gardens