MILEY CYRUS Twitpic Of Herself In White Dress

miley cyrus twitpic

You have to give Miley Cyrus (or whoever advises her) credit: they know how to keep the attention going! Us Weekly has a new story out saying Miley and Liam Hemsworth have called it quits. Neither Miley nor Liam has confirmed or denied this latest story. Yet Miley posted a twitpic of herself in a white dress. Part of it is posted above.

Is this Miley’s way of saying she’s still engaged to be married? On one hand, I wonder why they won’t just address the rumors. Then again, any response could be seen as “feeding the machine,” so to speak. Eventually the truth will come out. Until then, we have to puzzle over things like this twitpic…

Photo from Miley Cyrus twitter