JUSTIN THEROUX He Tells Brad Pitt: “Zip It”

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It looks like Brad Pitt just can’t escape all the drama with his ex-lovers these days! Rumor has it that Jennifer Aniston‘s fiance Justin Theroux is none too happy with Brad Pitt and his latest Esquire interview, in which he suggested that he was totally depressed during his marriage to Jen. Here’s what we’re reading:

Justin Theroux has two words for Brad Pitt: ZIP IT. Jennifer Aniston’s fiancé has warned her ex not to talk about her anymore as he promotes his new movie, World War Z. According to a pal, Justin is upset that Brad has once again referenced the union that ended eight years ago, this time in the current issue of Esquire.

The insider says Justin turned to a mutual Hollywood acquaintance to send Brad amessage: “It’s very uncool that once again you’re taking shots at Jen in public – please stop, because it’s really upsetting her.”

To be honest, I can understand Jen and Justin’s fury here. Why keep on mentioning the past and pouring salt on old wounds when you are supposedly happy in your present? Brad is obviously talking about his past because it’s still on his mind, in my opinion. What do you guys think!


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  1. says

    So Brad unfortunately married and led an unsatisfactory life when he was married to Jennifer and he is not allowed to talk about his life at that time . She has given several interviews about her life before , during , and after her marriage and it’s ok. What about the People cover story ” Five Years After The Divorce” ? Did anyone complain about her giving this interview or demand an apology to Brad or his fiance or their children?

  2. kim says

    i think brad can’t get out of an interview without the interviewer asking about jen et al, and then WRITING about it, because the rest of us seem to want to READ ABOUT IT ALWAYS AND FOREVER. they do the same thing with jen every chance they get: how do you feel about brad’s thousand kids? what do you think of angie’s double masectomy? do you think we’ll EVER EVER EVER STOP ASKING YOU?