ASHTON KUTCHER Going For The Indiana Jones Look?

Ashton Kutcher Goes For The Indiana Jones Look

Ashton Kutcher must have some time on his hands lately.  The ‘Two and a Half Men‘ star has been in London with his lady love Mila Kunis as she shoots her upcoming film ‘Jupiter Ascending’ and it looks like he’s picked up some new fashion accessories while he’s there.  Ashton was spotted leaving his London apartment today wearing a fedora.  How very Indiana Jones of him!  I have to admit, it looks good on him!

Mila is starring in Jupiter Ascending with new dad Channing Tatum.  I wonder if there’s been a small break in filming now that Channing has a new baby to take care of or if they’re just filming scenes without him to give him some time off.  Seeing as Ashton’s alone I would guess that Mila is busy at work.  I wonder what she thinks of the hat?


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