I had no idea that Kristin Cavallari’s wedding to her football playing fiance Jay Cutler was coming so soon!  The former reality star was celebrated at her wedding shower this past weekend and she posted the above picture to her instagram account showing her wearing a sparkly tiara and a ‘bride to be’ sash alongside her friends.

Kristin spoke with E!News about how she feels that she’s really ready to get married, saying;

“I feel like with Jay and I, now we’re really ready to get married.  Two years ago, we weren’t ready. If we would have gotten married I don’t think it would have worked out. But I feel like now we’re in such a good place and it’s the perfect time to do it.”

“I’m only nervous to walk down the aisle, because everyone’s staring at you!  So I know I’ll be nervous for that—but once that’s over it’s just going to be a breeze and I know I’m going to love every second of it and I’m more excited than anything.

“I just can’t believe it’s almost here. It’s amazing.”

Well I am sure she will be a beautiful bride! Looking forward to seeing the pics.  Here’s Kristin on the set of a photoshoot the other day, looking stunning as always.