Oh no! Talk about a sad way to start your weekend. Apparently, someone dognapped Brandi Glanville‘s dog Chica and she has been pleading for help on Twitter all day on Friday. Brandi told TMZ that someone left her other dog in the house and didn’t steal anything else. A screen on a bathroom window was ripped off, so Brandi thinks that’s how the dog thieves got into her house. She filed a police report and also went on Twitter today to beg for her dog back and is offering up a $10,000 reward. Here’s what she’s been Tweeting:

I will give anyone who finds my dog chica in Bel air, La, Encino area 10 thousand dollars. Please please. She has a collar call me!

A little brown chihuawa mix, i cant spell. My boys will be devistated.

My house was broken into one of my dogs is missing people R calling pretending 2 have her.This is devistating-I will pay money give her back

This is Chica Bel air, Encino Hills area! Please call number on her tag! Please please

This is so sad as I’m sure that anyone with a pet will understand that they are just as important as family members. Here’s hoping that Brandi will be able to find her beloved dog very soon!


Photos via FameFlynet