JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE No Suit And Tie For The MySpace Party

Celebrities Leave The MySpace Event

No suit and tie for Justin Timberlake this time!  The singer was spotted looking a bit sleepy as he left the MySpace relaunch party in LA last night.  Justin is one of the new owners of MySpace and is hoping that his celebrity will be able to elevate the status of the once popular social networking site.  I’m not so sure how well that will work!

Justin wore a button up denim shirt, black pants and a black knit hat to the event and it looks like he’s been away from the razor for a while too. Maybe he’s working on his hipster vibe trying to lure the younger crowd toward MySpace?  Justin attended the event solo with wife Jessica no where to be seen.  Will you rejoin MySpace now that JT is one of the owners?