KRISTEN STEWART: ‘Twilight’ Star Steps Out Solo

Semi-Exclusive... Kristen Stewart Visits An Office In Beverly Hills

Paparazzi caught up with Kristen Stewart as she made her way to an office building. She seems to be doing okay after her split from Robert Pattinson. Judging from the main picture and some of the picts in the gallery, it looks like the ‘Twilight‘ star had a conversation with the paps, although no information is given about what Kristen said. Something tells me it wasn’t all that nice- LOL.

London’s Daily Mail says Kristen feels “betrayed” that Katy Perry has maintained a close relationship with Rob as well as with her. Apparently it’s the rumors that Katy and Robert may be dating. If they’re dating, I can see where that would bother Kristen. Yet it looks like Katy may have been friends with both of them before the split, so I can see where Katy may not want to take sides, right?