Hot Guy Of The Day BRAD PITT At ‘World War Z’ NYC Premiere

'World War Z' New York Premiere

FINALLY, Brad Pitt brings ‘World War Z‘ to the United States! Here he is with his gorgeous smile at the New York City premiere of his new movie. Brad was chic in black, with a bohemian edge with his long hair. I have to admit, I’m surprised- and a little disappointed- Angelina Jolie didn’t attend the ‘World War Z’ premiere in NYC.

I know Angelina’s not actually in the movie, but I thought she’d be on hand like she was in London and throughout Europe. Maybe ‘World War Z’ will have a Hollywood premiere and Angelina will dazzle us on the red carpet there. It’s certainly not a bad thing to watch Brad stepping out solo. He has plenty of red carpet dazzle on his own, right?