BRADLEY COOPER: Does He Have The Best Celebrity Hair?

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Usually when I think of celebrity men with great hair, I think David Beckham, maybe even Brad Pitt, but Bradley Cooper? It looks like the ladies are going crazy over B.Coop’s locks as he has just been voted as having the best set of hair in a new poll. Who would have thought, right?

The 38-year-old “Limitless” star was voted the man with the sexiest hair in a survey carried out by hair brand Fudge. The hair brand company revealed that it was the length of Bradley’s hair that gave him the edge over fellow Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling.

The top 5 Men with the sexiest hairstyles in the world, according to hair brand Fudge:

1. Bradley Cooper’s  (40 percent)
2. Ryan Gosling’s 3.0 (20 percent)
3. David Beckham’s 3.5  (17 percent)
4. Prince Harry’s 2.5 (7 percent)
5. Harry Styles (5 percent)


Photos via FameFlynet